Kia360 reopens in Seoul as immersive space for experiencing future mobility solutions, lifestyles
Kia360 reopens in Seoul as immersive space for experiencing future mobility solutions, lifestyles
  • Kia360 reopens in Seoul to showcase company’s innovative future mobility solutions and lifestyle offerings following new brand strategy in early 2021
  • The stylish, spacious building invites visitors to experience sustainable future mobility offerings by Kia via interactive contents and displays 
  • With a mission to empower customers with its inspiring movements, Kia will continue to develop Kia360 with new exhibits and programs

12 August 2021 – Kia Corporation has today announced the re-opening of its customercentric brand-experiencing venue, the Kia360, in southern Seoul, South Korea.

Kia360 is the company’s first public space dedicated to showcasing its new brand offerings, including future mobility lifestyles, electrified sustainable mobility solutions and design innovations. It has re-opened in line with Kia’s new brand strategy of empowering customers with its inspiring movements, which was announced at the beginning of 2021. Kia360 first opened in 2017 under its previous moniker, BEAT360.

At the spacious building spanning 1,900 square metres, visitors are invited to feel and experience Kia’s reinvigorated brand sensibilities through interactive participation, communication and empathy.

Kia360 is a venue illuminating the purpose of Kia’s new branding: Creating the space and time that inspire our customers to bring their ideas to real life,” said Artur Martins, Senior Vice President and Head of the Global Brand and Customer Experience Division at Kia. “We invite visitors to immerse themselves in Kia360’s interactive and communicative displays and catch a glimpse of Kia’s new direction for providing clean and sustainable mobility solutions, as well as stylish mobility lifestyles.”

The exterior of Kia360 has been redesigned using the new brand-representative colours, Midnight Black and Polar White, allowing for various eye-catching lighting displays throughout the day and night. The interior comprises three experiential zones: The Brand & Design Zone, The EV Life Zone and The Kia User Zone. The three zones are connected to each other, enabling visitors to appreciate their diverse exhibits with ease and in sequential order. There are interactive digital contents that respond to the movement of visitors, providing an immersive opportunity to envisage the future mobility lifestyles in engaging and amusing ways. Furthermore, in line with the contact-free trend amid the pandemic, visitors can receive general information about Kia360 from digital kiosks, as well as the floor guide from their smartphones using the QR code.

The Brand & Design Zone

The Brand & Design Zone is designed to project the “DNA” of Kia under the new name change and brand strategy. The zone features three thematic spaces: New Journey (where new Kia vehicles are displayed); Inspiring Universe (where visitors can ponder over their own inspirations via interactive digital media contents); and Opposites United (where visitors can visually grasp Kia’s new design philosophy ‘Opposites United’ through impressive thought-provoking media art fusing opposing concepts).

EV Life Zone

The EV Life Zone is designed so that visitors can gauge the future mobility life of the electrification era. It features the EV Charge (an experiential booth where one can see various information related to electric vehicles, including a model EV charger); the EV Ride (a hoverboard on which a participant can dynamically drive on a virtual circuit guided by an LED screen); and the Connected House (an experiential cabin in which a participant can visualise the future of connected mobility and lifestyles with the help of motion-detection sensors).

Kia User Zone

The Kia User Zone is designed to provide various driving-related information, including customised consultancy for visitors who are considering a vehicle purchase. A visitor can directly configure the options of the vehicle using a digital three-dimensional configurator. It is also possible to consult directly with a Kia sales representative. There is also a space, entitled EV Tap & Tip, which is dedicated to offering useful real-life information related to electric vehicles and showcasing Kia’s diverse partnership-related contents. In addition, the AI Space enables visitors to virtually experience the various advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applied to Kia vehicles via artificial-intelligence technology.

Kia – in line with its mission to inspire customers with innovative and sustainable future mobility solutions – plans to continue to develop Kia360 and its interactive contents in the future through diverse customer-oriented exhibitions and product-experiential displays.